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What is going on at Blackburn Rovers?

Blackburn Rovers FC,Tony Parkes Talks about Venkys and Steve Kean 20/12/2011

Blackburn Rovers fan protest leader Glen Mullan speaks out 01/03/2012

knocker vs steve kean and venkys

I Stumbled upon this fine young man's work the other night, he is a Rovers fan and likes to wear his colours on occasion. I look forward to the day we see and hear a "knocker v Burnley" rap. The whole of East Lanc's wants it.


I salute the indefatigability of the protestors. Condemn them. It does not matter. History will absolve them.




The key 'players'



Playing Career

Kean grew up in Cumbernauld, a new town on the outskirts of Glasgow. Upon leaving school, he joined Celtic as a professional, but was unable to break into a first team.


He joined Swansea City on loan in 1987, at the same time as Chris Coleman. They formed a lasting professional relationship, which carried on after both of their playing days had ended. Kean then played for Academica Coimbra in Portugal.



Since retiring from playing Kean has worked as a coach for Reading, Fulham, Real Sociedad and Coventry City, working as an assistant to Chris Coleman at Fulham, Real Sociedad and Coventry.


In June 2008, it was reported that Kean was in talks with Chelsea to become assistant coach to Luiz Felipe Scolari. Kean’s fluency in Portuguese from his playing days was believed to be a key reason for Chelsea’s interest.


On 4 August 2009 Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce appointed Kean as his new first team coach. Kean replaced Karl Robinson who returned to Milton Keynes Dons. Allardyce commented that he had received numerous applications for the first team coaching position and Kean “stood out above the rest through his personality, experience and knowledge of football at the highest level”.



Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean banned for 18 months and fined £1,800 after being convicted of drink-driving. Kean had earlier pleaded guilty but applied to escape the ban, claiming his drink was spiked - many feeling that this was an accusation that Rovers fans had spiked his drink. A judge at Macclesfield Magistrates' Court in Cheshire rejected the "special reasons" application, saying Kean had failed to prove his drink had been laced.


kean was stopped when Cheshire Police pulled over his Mercedes as he travelled south on the M6 at 8.50pm on Saturday, six hours after Wayne Rooney scored a penalty to earn United the point they required at Ewood Park. The prosecution say he sped past a marked patrol car at 90mph. 


A medical expert said that quantity of alcohol would have been insufficient to cause the breathalyzer reading. The defence argued that one of his drinks must have been spiked.

But the prosecution said there was another possibility, that Kean was lying about his alcohol consumption that day.


After leaving the stadium, he went to his Lancashire home to pack some clothes for the drive down to his family home in the south-east.


Kean’s counsel James Harrison, of legal firm Nick Freeman Solicitors, had asked for an adjournment so that the defence could call Sky Sports interviewer Geoff Shreeves as a witness to ‘corroborate Kean’s account’ and give a ‘flavour’ of the post-match events.

The court heard Mr Shreeves had indicated he was willing to give evidence, but work commitments including covering Manchester City’s game with Swansea that night meant he could not attend.


Judge Sanders dismissed the application and said of Mr Shreeves: “What I don’t know is why that particular commitment has to take priority over what really is his public duty to attend court and give evidence in proceedings here in Macclesfield.” “Sky is a big organisation presumably they could have found someone to cover for him today if he asked.


Kean, who attended court with a male friend, was spotted speeding at 90mph just before 9pm in the outside lane close to Allostock, near Holmes Chapel, on the southbound M6 in his Mercedes E-class by PC Christopher Murray, who was himself travelling at 50mph in a marked police car.


He told the officer he had been on the phone to the owners of the club, but when questioned about the smell of alcohol he claimed not to have had a drink at all that day.

The judge later said that was ‘significant’ in his ruling.


Kean gave a roadside reading of 65microgrammes in 100millilitres of breath.

He told the court he was ‘shocked and stunned’ at the result.


He was taken back to the police station where the lower of two further tests read 65 again.

As he was charged just after midnight, the court heard, Kean told the police. “I just want to say I was witnessed drinking one 330ml bottle of beer.


When Kean took to the stand wearing a smart suit and sipping from a glass of water, he said he was ‘very aware’ of what he was drinking because he knew he had a long drive that night.

He said he did not feel drunk at all after leaving the pub, just full of adrenaline from the game, and ‘thought it was a mistake’ when he tested positive at the roadside. He said: “I was shocked and surprised. I was happy to go to the police station and speak with officers.


Police at the custody office said Kean was ‘calm, polite and answered all the questions’.

He told the court he hadn’t been breathalysed before and indeed, his first attempt back at the station failed because he didn’t blow properly.


After he was charged he was given a further test to make sure he was below the legal limit, driven back to his car on the M6 by police and continued his journey down south.

Prosecutor Jonathan Egan asked Kean about the pressure he was under on the day of the match, including the implications of relegation. Kean replied: “I don’t feel the financial pressure on me, just the performance of the team. “I don’t think about the numbers. We were never in the relegation zone for even one week.


Mr Egan questioned Kean on why he had told police when stopped that he hadn’t had a drink, suggesting: “There is not some mystery person who spiked your drink, you have actually had more to drink than you have said.”


Kean said he didn’t notice if his drink had been topped up or that it had had any spirits added to it. He then said he didn’t drink whisky or vodka, suggesting he wouldn’t taste the spike. He said: “The only way I could have been over the limit was if I had been drinking in the car, and I wasn’t.


The court heard a medical report from Dr David Eccles on behalf of the defence.

It explained that with the rate of alcoholic units being broken down between the time the game finished around 2.30pm and when Kean was stopped around 9pm, he would have only registered five microgram’s in breath having drunk what he claimed to have done.


But he gave a breath sample of 11 times that. Dr Eccles concluded that “Either knowingly or unknowingly, Mr Kean consumed more alcohol on the day in question than he has stated.


Judge Sanders said that Kean’s drink being laced was ‘not a convincing explanation’. He said: “It is relevant that when he was stopped by the police and asked if he had anything to drink, he replied not and this was clearly untrue.


Steve Kean quotes

Here are just some of the quotes from Kean that have upset the fans.


“You hope that you can turn around people who have got a little bit of negativity and want to have a go.”


“The good thing from my point of view is that the majority of supporters were with us here.”


“I don’t know if it is a large section of the crowd, and to be fair, I’m not really paying any attention to anybody who is staying behind.” 




Jerome Anderson


Jerome Anderson founded the Sport Entertainment and Media Group (SEM) in 1984 which now boasts some very big names in football as his clients, one of his clients is Steve Kean. He worked closely with the Venky's during their takeover of Blackburn Rovers.


So just who are Kentaro and the SEM group?

Wednesday 15th December 2010

Chris Flanagan, Sports reporter, Lancashire Telegraoh


WITH formal links across Europe, North America and South America, Kentaro and the SEM group have a wide range of contacts throughout the world of football.


The two companies signed a corporate partnership deal in February 2009 and it is that union that is now playing a key role at Blackburn Rovers as advisors to new owners Venky’s.


SEM represents several leading footballers across Europe as well as a number of media personalities – among them Rio Ferdinand and former boxer Lennox Lewis, who fronted a photo-shoot for the new Venky’s Xpress shop in Britain last week.


The company facilitated Geovanni’s switch from Cruzeiro to Manchester City and Kris Boyd’s move from Rangers to Middlesbrough, with both having since been recommended to Sam Allardyce as possible January signings.


Anderson has previously been involved with a number of transfers at Arsenal and there were echoes of his current role at Rovers when he teamed up with Kentaro to advise Thaksin Shinawatra during his takeover of Manchester City.


SEM oversaw six of Sven-Goran Eriksson’s nine signings during Shinawatra’s season at the helm, including Elano, Valeri Bojinov and Gelson Fernandes.


Anderson’s company was also involved in Stephen Warnock’s moves to and from Rovers and transfers for players such as John Obi Mikel, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Dirk Kuyt, Craig Bellamy, Tuncay and Davor Suker.


The link-up with the powerful Kentaro brings further intrigue to the pair’s involvement with Venky’s and Rovers.


Kentaro has a wealth of experience in the sports media industry and has taken a consultancy role on several occasions in recent years for investors putting money into major football clubs.


The sports agency is a major player in the international market for football TV rights, working with the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal as well as more than 25 national associations.


It marketed the TV rights for more than 250 matches in the build-up to the World Cup – including 90 per cent of the qualifiers in South America.


Kentaro has represented both Argentina and Brazil and has been involved in the organisation of many of their friendly games in Europe in recent years.


Among those were Argentina’s 2008 friendly in Scotland – the first game in charge for Diego Maradona, who has been linked with the Rovers job.


Kentaro also has a deal with the FA until 2012 for many of the international TV rights for the England national team, the FA Cup and the Community Shield.


There can be no doubt that Kentaro and SEM have a vast network.


How they choose to use it could yet determine where Blackburn Rovers go from here.




The Venky's


Venky's (India) Limited is a subsidiary of V H Group, an Indian company that specialises in chicken meat processing, and pharmaceutical products for both poultry and human usage.


Founded at Pune in Maharashtra as Venkateshwara Hatcheries Private Limited. in 1971 by the Rao family, it mainly produced day-old layer and broiler chicks for the poultry markets of South India.


On 19 November 2010, the company completed the takeover of Premier League club Blackburn Rovers for £23m deal under the name Venky's London Limited


Following the takeover, Venkatesh and Balaji Rao greeted fans by appearing on the Ewood Park pitch, before the match against Aston Villa on 21 November 2010. Their first match as owners ended in a 2–0 victory for Blackburn. After a 2–1 defeat to Bolton Wanderers, Venky's sacked Sam Allardyce and replaced him with First team coach Steve Kean, regardless of assurances that the current staff at the club were safe for the long-term future. Blackburn survived relegation on the final day of the season defeating Wolves 3–2 and so finishing 15th in the league.


After seventeen matches of the 2011–12 season, Rovers sat bottom of the table on 10 points. Despite vociferous calls from many of the club's supporters in both the media and in public for Kean to be replaced, he remained as manager of the club. After the 2-1 defeat to Bolton Wanderers up to 1000 Rovers supporters gathered outside Ewood Park and called for both Steve Kean to be fired and the Venky's group to leave the club.


Due to the team's poor performances and lack of communication from Venkys regarding the management of the club, there have been increased calls and further protests for Venkys to sell its share of Blackburn Rovers, including articles within the Lancashire Telegraph directly pleading for action to be taken by the owners. However no action has been taken as of April 2012, and with only 3 games of the season remaining, Premier League survival and the very existence of the football club are under threat.




The Telegraph

By Paul Kelso

30 Nov 2011


The club [Blackburn Rovers] owe at least £21 million to Barclays, and it is understood that Vicky’s - which is owned by the Rao family - agreed to reduce the debt when they took control at Ewood Park. A year later that has not happened though, prompting the bank to demand more security against its loans as the club faced possible relegation.


The bank’s position will increase concern among supporters about the financial situation at the club, and raises fresh questions about the owners’ strategy and their readiness to meet the financial demands.


Venky’s paid £23 million to buy the club from the Jack Walker family trust last year, assuming responsibility for £21 million of debt to Barclays that the club were already carrying.


The debt was secured against Ewood Park and all the club’s other property assets, as well as Venky’s’ newly-purchased shares in Blackburn Rovers, and it is understood that an undertaking was also given to reduce the size of the debt.


With the club facing possible relegation and no reduction in the size of the debt, Barclays demanded additional security to protect its position. To satisfy Barclays, all the club’s centralised television income for this season and beyond has also been provided as security.


That deal, struck in August, means that all of Blackburn’s assets have been put up as collateral against existing loans. Since then Telegraph Sport understands that Venky’s have taken no steps to reduce the debt.


Barclays’ concern is understandable given the club’s perilous league position and the increasingly risk-averse position of lenders in the current financial climate. Newcastle faced similar pressure from the bank to reduce the size of their overdraft following relegation to the Championship two years ago.


Relegation would massively impact on Blackburn’s ability to reduce the debt further, which explains the bank’s demand for the security of future television income and parachute payments.


Venky’s initially offered the club’s stadium and property assets, as well their shares in Blackburn, as security. The security is detailed in documents filed by the club’s holding company, Venky’s London Ltd, on the day of the takeover, Nov 19 2010.


The additional security was provided by the club in an agreement registered on Aug 25. This season’s broadcast revenue of at least £30 million, and a minimum of £48 million in parachute payments over four years should they be relegated, has been offered as collateral.


Sources have indicated that the club have not been forwarded any money in loans as a result of the latest arrangement with Barclays.


Barclays’ concerns will heighten worries over Venky’s’ stewardship of what was once a stable, if loss-making, club. They have certainly not delivered on the expectation of the club board and the Walker Trust, which agreed to sell this time last year.


In last year’s accounts, completed before the deal was struck, Blackburn’s then chairman John Williams wrote: “If the sale is concluded there is an opportunity to take the club forward, to consolidate our position in the league and look for year-on-year improvement.”

The reality has proved very different. The club have just a league single win this season and manager Steve Kean is under huge pressure from disgruntled supporters unconvinced at his ability to steer the club out of its current predicament.


Venkys did invest £10 million in equity last January for transfers, but despite a welter of promises, the investment in star names never materialised.


Since then they have made a net profit on transfers and the club’s best player, Phil Jones, was sold to Manchester United for what already looks like a bargain £16.5 million.


While Jones went six players came in, two of them on free transfers, with Scott Dann, Yakubu and Jordan Slew signed on deadline day for a total of £10.5 million.


With pressure from the bank to reduce debts, it is unclear what, if any, funding Venky’s are willing to make available to Kean for signings in the forthcoming January transfer window.

They are also likely to come under pressure to sell their remaining valuable players including Christopher Samba, likely to be a target for Tottenham and Arsenal among others.


Resisting offers for Samba will be a further test of the owners’ credibility with supporters.

A spokesman for Venky’s did not respond to a request for comment. A Blackburn Rovers spokesman said the club were unable to respond to questions about the nature of their financial arrangements with Barclays.




Blackburn Rovers posted a pre-tax loss of £18.6 million for the year to end June 2011 compared with £1.9 million a year ago. Under Venky's' watch, Rovers' wage bill shot up to £49.9million, or 86.6% of the annual turnover, in 2011 from £47.4 million the previous season. Net debt increased to £26.3 million from £21 million.


In December 2011, Barclays Bank, the Premier League sponsors, told Venky's that it must deposit £10 million by New Year's Eve. Failure to do so would force the bank to withhold credit needed to pay players' wages beyond January. Barclays shared the fans' belief that the owners would inject cash into the club periodically, according to British media reports


The owners are being accused by the football cognoscenti of misreading the Premier League format. Venky's paid the Jack Walker Trust £23 million, cleared £20 million in debts and invested £10 million in short-term capital. Company bosses may have believed that would suffice.


Expenses, including monthly wages of around £5 million, could be met from ticket sales and Premier League central funds, or so they may have thought. After all, wasn't this regular club income? Rovers made £42 million from central Premier League funds in 2010-11 and another £5.5 million from ticket sales.


This season would have played out the same, except that money is not paid evenly through the year. The largest chunk was paid in the summer. For the rest of this season, Rovers will receive only £1.7 million a month, plus a 'facility fee' (for matches on TV) of around £5.8 million in January. Ticket sales in 2011 too had fallen from £6.1 million in 2010.




Less than a month after the sale of Blackburn Rovers to the Venkys Sam Allardyce was sacked in December 2010. Chairman John Williams then departed the club 2 months later in February 2011. By the end of May 2011 (just 6 months after the takeover), Managing Director Tom Finn also left the club. In January 2012, Marketing Director Simon Williams also left Rovers.


This leaves the club with a manager in Steve Kean who has no previous experience in this role, no chairperson and no managing director.


Chairman - John Williams: resigned after 14 years at the club. The departure of Williams, who was appointed to the board by Jack Walker 14 years ago and had been chairman for 13 years, will not be a shock within the game due to his widely-known concern over events at Ewood Park since Venky's arrival. Williams was dismayed by the sacking of Allardyce, who had guided Blackburn to a top-10 finish last season, and he had contemplated resigning in protest at the dismissal.


Managing Director - Tom Finn: ended his 15 years at Blackburn Rovers after resigning as the club's managing director. With new deputy chief executive Paul Hunt starting later this week from Leicester City, Finn decided the time was right to leave. He said, "Blackburn Rovers might not enjoy the fan base of some of its Premier League rivals, but no one should doubt the supporters' passion and commitment to their club."


Marketing Director - Simon Williams: ended his aascociation with the club in January 2012 when he resigned.


Since the Venkys took over the club now has:

  • no chairman,
  • no chief exec,
  • currently no head of commercial and marketing,
  • a new deputy chief exec ,
  • a new club secretary,
  • a new finance director,
  • a new club doctor,
  • a new manager,
  • three new assistant managers,
  • a new ladies team manager,

In themselves not unusual changes until you take into account that they all occurred within months of the new owners arrival, thus decimating the management structure of the club that was inherited from the Walker Trust.




REVEALED: The letter that exposes the history of Blackburn’s crisis

By Nick Harris

SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year

15 January 2012

AN extraordinary letter written by senior figures at Blackburn Rovers to the club’s co-owner, Anuradha Desai, proves they felt helpless at the direction the club was taking as early as January last year, just a few months after the takeover by Venky’s.


There is even a plea for Mrs Desai to explain to her own Blackburn board the role being played at the time by the SEM agency – headed by agent Jerome Anderson – in the club’s transfer policy.


The document, obtained by Sportingintelligence, is signed by three people: John Williams, who was then chairman, Tom Finn, who was the MD, and Martin Goodman, then the finance director.


That trio had all been at the club for many years as Rovers gained a reputation as a well-run, successful family club, but in the letter, dated 4 January 2011, they wrote: ‘We now find the board are not even being consulted on some of the most fundamental decisions this or any other football club ever makes.


‘This includes the termination of the manager’s employment [Sam Allardyce] and the appointment of a new manager [Steve Kean].


‘We have had no input into the terms of this appointment and presumably discussions are taking place with Steve Kean concerning additional staff appointments, again with an input from the board.


‘In addition, and of greatest concern, as we enter the transfer window, is your instruction that the manager is to no longer report to the board on transfer matters. The board’s role seems to be merely one of processing the transfers as opposed to delivering a strategy based on discussions with you as owners and working to pre-agreed financial budgets.’


The letter (below) can be read in full by clicking on the relevant link in a later paragraph of this article.

Sportingintelligence can exclusively reveal that one of Blackburn’s permanent transfer signings in the January 2011 window – that of the Argentinean attacking midfielder, Mauro Formica – was initially disallowed by the Premier League on ‘technical grounds’.


Impeccable sources have confirmed that the parties involved in the deal presented it for ‘international clearance’ but the deal involved a ‘third party ownership element’ that the Premier League were not happy with.


Sportingintelligence has learned that the ultimate owners of the player could not easily be identified when the deal was initially presented for clearance, but they were linked to an investment vehicle in the British Virgin Islands.


After the initial deal was prevented, it was quickly reconstructed, within days, so that Formica moved into the full ownership of Newell’s Old Boys; the transfer was then green-lighted between Newell’s and Blackburn.


The letter from Williams, Finn and Goodman makes no mention of the Formica deal – because the Formica move was completed weeks after the letter was sent.


But the letter ended with the paragraph: ‘Finally, our football secretary has, this morning, been instructed by SEM to issue a mandate to a third party without any reference or approval from the board. We are not familiar with the player concerned nor is he one that has been mentioned to us by the manager. Could you please, therefore, clarify the role of SEM in our transfer policy?’


Sportingintelligence does not know the identity of the player referred to in that paragraph.

Anderson, who is also Steve Kean’s agent, has spoken openly in the past week – in a Sky TV interview – about his involvement at Blackburn in January 2011.


‘We entered last year’s January transfer window and I received a call from the owner of the club saying “We have one or two issues causing us concern. Would you be kind enough to help us through this difficult period?”,’ he said.


‘So I basically slept at the training ground for the month of January and helped the club in so many areas. First and foremost trying to bring in players. We were very very successful in that area.’


In that window, Blackburn signed Ruben Rochina for €450,000 from Barcelona in a deal where Rochina’s agent, Manuel Salamanca Ferrer, received a £1.65m fee.


Ferrer has confirmed he and Anderson worked together to bring Rochina to England although Anderson has stressed that he made no money from the deal. He dealt with that and other issues in a statement on the SEM website on Friday. Anderson has made absolutely clear that he hasn’t had any involvement in Blackburn’s transfer’s policy or club business since the January 2011 transfer window shut.


During the 2011 January window, Blackburn also signed Formica from Newell’s Old Boys, for £3.2m, plus agents’ fees of £500,000, and they took Jermaine Jones on loan.


‘When I left the training ground at the end of January the place was absolutely rocking,’ Anderson said.


Disillusioned by what was happening, Williams, Finn and Goodman all left Rovers in 2011: Williams in February and then Finn in May and Goodman in the early summer.


Rovers have not appointed a replacement chief exec, although Paul Hunt was hired as deputy chief exec. Karen Silk (formerly with Stoke) replaced Goodman. Rovers have not hired a direct replacement for Finn although Vineeth Rao (no relation to the Rao family owners of the club) and Simon Hunt (sporting director) both hold strategic roles now.


Many fans and neutral observers have pointed out that Blackburn’s recent off-field strife is down to a lack of experienced top-level football people in the board room – men like Williams, Finn and Goodman. The letter published today shows the root of their unhappiness before they left Ewood Park.


Despite all the turmoil of recent times – which have led to fan protests – Blackburn won 3-1 on Saturday to move out of the relegation zone, even as uncertainty persists over the futures of Chris Samba, Junior Hoilett, Jason Roberts and Michel Salgado in particular. The situation remains ‘fluid’ but a report on this site on 2 January described a situation still fundamentally the same.


Clearly the departed executives were unhappy at the Rovers situation in January 2011 – and the letter told Mrs Desai that ‘sadly, you have little regard for the experience we possess despite positive comments that were made at the time of acquisition concerning the strength of the management team.’


The letter also said a manager should have the support of the board and: ‘Steve is an inexperienced manager who needs day-to-day support and assistance from people experienced in the running of the football operations.’


One year on, Kean remains in charge, and his team, for now, are out of the relegation zone.

Mrs Desai described Kean upon appointment as ‘unsackable’ and to date she has been as good as her word on that.



Chronology of events:


2010 pre season


11 June 2010: Mumbai-businessman Saurin Shah tells the Lancashire Telegraph he was interested in buying Rovers.



August 2010 - May 2011 season.


14 Aug 2010: Indian tycoon Ahsan Ali Syed makes public his bid to buy the club and pledged a £300million investment over 15 years in his effort to repeat Rovers Premier League glories.


16 Aug 2010: A team of negotiators for Ali Syed arrives at Ewood Park to sign a memorandum of understanding, which grants them a month-long period of exclusivity.


31 Aug 2010: Ali Syed denies reports his WGA firm has been closed down by the Bahraini authorities but a day later it is confirmed they have been told to stop trading.


5 Sept 2010: Ali Syed’s bid is thrown into uncertainty after BBC 5 Live’s Investigates programme makes allegations of debt against him.


10 Sept 2010: Ali Syed refutes the BBC’s allegations.


16 Oct 2010: The Lancashire Telegraph reveals Indian conglomerate Venky's is interested in a potential takeover.


22 Oct 2010: Rovers manager Sam Allardyce reveals the club are close to a takeover deal.


26 October 2010: Rovers issue a statement saying they are close to a deal with poultry giants Venky's.


19 Nov 2010: Venkys confirm the purchase of Premier League club Blackburn Rovers for a reported 46 million pounds. 


Sam Allardyce sacked 13 Dec 2010: Following a 2-1 defeat to Bolton Wanderers, Venkys sack manager Sam Allardyce and place first team coach Steve Kean in charge. 


Steve Kean appointed manager 22 Dec 2010: Steve Kean appointed manager until the end of season.


Letter written by senior figures at Blackburn Rovers to the club’s co-owner 4 Jan 2011: An extraordinary letter written by senior figures at Blackburn Rovers to the club’s co-owner, Anuradha Desai, proves they felt helpless at the direction the club was taking as early as January last year, just a few months after the takeover by Venky’s.


There is even a plea for Mrs Desai to explain to her own Blackburn board the role being played at the time by the SEM agency – headed by agent Jerome Anderson – in the club’s transfer policy.


The document, obtained by Sportingintelligence, is signed by three people: John Williams, who was then chairman, Tom Finn, who was the MD, and Martin Goodman, then the finance director.


Kean handed 3 year contract 20 Jan 2011: Venky's chairwomen Anuradha Desai then hands Steve Kean a 3 year contract with Blackburn Rovers struggeling in the Premier League. 


Mrs Anuradha Desai, escorted by Mr Jerome Anderson, made her one and only appearance at Ewood Park to watch Rovers v Tottenham Hotspurs On the 02 Feb 2011: Along with her husband and brothers Vetkatesh Rao, Balaji Rao and other members of her family. Crowds lined the streets around Ewood Park to welcome them; the welcome could not have been warmer.

02.02.2011 Tottenham Hotspur Ewood Park Lost 0-1 Position 9 Points 31


Chairman John Williams resigns from Blackburn Rovers after 14 years Feb 2011: Chairman had been unhappy at Sam Allardyce sacking. Venky's expected to bring in its own man


Managing Director Tom Finn resigns from Blackburn Rovers after 15 years May 2011With new deputy chief executive Paul Hunt arriving from Leicester City, Finn decided the time was right to leave.


Blackburn Survive 22 May 2011: A 3-2 win away at Wolves on the last day of the season guarantees safety for Blackburn Rovers for at least another season. 



2011 pre season

1 July 2011: Myles Anderson the son of Jerome Anderson (SEM/Kentaro), signs for Blackburn Rovers.

No appearances to date.



August 2011 – May 2012 season.


Steve Kean banned for drink driving 15 Aug 2011: Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean banned for 18 months and fined £1,800 after being convicted of drink-driving. Kean had earlier pleaded guilty but applied to escape the ban, claiming his drink was spiked - many feeling that this was an accusation that Rovers fans had spiked his drink. A judge at Macclesfield Magistrates' Court in Cheshire rejected the "special reasons" application, saying Kean had failed to prove his drink had been laced.


kean was stopped when Cheshire Police pulled over his Mercedes as he travelled south on the M6 at 8.50pm on Saturday, six hours after Wayne Rooney scored a penalty to earn United the point they required at Ewood Park. The prosecution say he sped past a marked patrol car at 90mph. 


A medical expert said that quantity of alcohol would have been insufficient to cause thebreathalyser reading. Thedefence argued that one of his drinks must have been spiked.

But the prosecution said there was another possibility that Kean was lying about his alcohol consumption that day.


After leaving the stadium, he went to his Lancashire home to pack some clothes for the drive down to his family home in the south-east.


Before setting off on the motorway at around 6.30pm, he stopped at the Whalley Arms pub, Whalley to meet a group of friends who had been to the game.


He spent around 45 minutes at the pub, which was packed with Rovers, United and other football fans watching the highlights of the FA Cup final.


During that time he said a friend bought him a bottle of Budweiser which he drank out of a small glass.


He said he frequently left the glass unattended which is presumumably when the drink was spiked.


The whole incident further tarnished Kean's reputation amongst the Rovers faithful.


Blackburn Rovers suffered their worst start to a league campaign in 60 years after 1-0 loss to Everton 27 Aug 2011: Kean reveals in interview with the Lancashire Telegraph that he is untroubled by Blackburn Rovers' start to the season.

27.08.2011 Everton Ewood Park Lost 0-1 Position 20 Points 0


Fans stage first protest 17 Sep 2011: First protest staged against Kean after poor start to season against Arsenal at home. Rovers go onto win the game 4-3.  


Later that evening, Jason Roberts shouts at and savages Rovers fans live on national radio after they had phoned in to BBC Radio 5 Live, unconvinced at 3 conceded goals and a fortunate win against a very poor Arsenal team.

17.09.2011 Arsenal Ewood Park Won 4-3 Position Points 14 Points 4


Fans stage second protest 1 Oct 2011: After a 4-0 home defeat to Manchester City, a group of around 800 Blackburn fans protest against manager Steve Kean.


Rovers off to India 3 Oct 2011:  Blackburn Rovers travel to controversial tour of India and fly fans out to discuss matters with the club owners Venky's. 


Fans stage third protest 23 Oct 2011: After another home defeat this time losing to Tottenham, more protests happen after the game. Gerald Jackson of Radio Rovers played loud music through the stadium speakers; the music was a calculated ploy by the club to drown the chanting of the large percentage of supporters wanting Kean Out etc. Many fans felt that this was disgusting and provocative and many were very angry at the music. Fans from the Darwen End joined those in the Blackburn End but many other fans were banned from joining the protestors. 


kean spoke to reporters after the game claiming Rovers were on course for a "top ten finish", many fans feeling that this showed nothing but total disrespect to the fans who backed the side throughout the game

23.10.2011 Tottenham Hotspur Ewood Park Lost 1-2 Position 20 Points 5


Fans stage fourth protest "Banners are BANNED" 5 Nov 2011: Venky’s take fascistic action and ban banners in the ground limiting the fans right to protest and free speech. This leads to a fans revolt and a group of fans quickly raise funds to hire a plane to fly over Ewood Park trailing a "Steve Kean Out" banner, live of national TV. 

05.11.2011 Chelsea Ewood Park Lost 0-1 Position 18 Points 6


Contract Extension 9 Nov 2011: Incredibly,rumours escalate throughout the media that manager Steve Kean is reported to have signed a 2 year contract extension.


New Owners 12 Nov 2011: Rumours escalate that there could be a chance a takeover bid could be launch from oil giants Qatar Petroleum. 


Fans stage fifth protest and new form of protest - "Week of Mourning" 14 Nov 2011: Fans announcing a week of mourning as a new form of protest this time aimed at the club owners Venky's.  Flowers are placed at Jack Walkers statue. The club then silently remove many during the night.


Takeover Rumours Quashed 15 Nov 2011: Venky's who rarely make interactions with the media made sure that all  new that there had been no contact with oil giants Qatar Petroleum and the club is not for sale. 


Contract is on hold 18 Nov 2011: Steve Kean comes out to the media and states that his contract talks are on hold and that at the current moment’s results are his priority. 


Rao Brothers booed by Rovers fans at Wigan 19 Nov 2011: The Rao brothers hastily beat a retreat from the JJB Stadium at half time after they are booed by many Rovers fans.

19.11.2011 Wigan Athletic 3-3 Blackburn Rovers Position 18 Points 6


Blackburn chairwoman Anuradha Desa threatened with jail 24 Nov 2011: 

Blackburn chairwoman Anuradha Desai is facing a possible jail sentence - because of a building development dispute in India.


Mrs Desai, who has just controversially given under-fire Rovers manager Steve Kean a new contract, is among 15 people charged with an offence after her Venky's company put up a structure on greenbelt land.


Now, the businesswoman is due to appear in court at the end of January - which is also when Kean is hoping to spend money on his strugging team.


Mrs Desai, the 'brains' of the family firm, is named as one of the leading developments in the case that was brought because a beauty spot was destroyed.


New Deal for Kean 25 Nov 2011: Steve Kean signs new deal with Blackburn Rovers, however there has been no extension in terms of the length of the contract however new clauses have been added. 


Fans stage sixth protest - Yet another loss for Blackburn Rovers 26 Nov 2011:
Blackburn lose 3-1 away to Stoke City heaping more pressure on Steve Kean with fans protesting for him to be sacked. Kean later comes out to the media and states he is determined to win over the fans. 

26.11.2011 Stoke City Away Lost 1-3 Position 20 Points 7

Kean claims he is finally prepared to talk with fans 28 Nov 2011: Steve Kean has come out to the media and said that he is willing to meet fans regarding footballing matters. He also states that he will be meeting with the owners to discuss January transfer targets.


Carling Cup Exit 29 Nov 2011: Blackburn Rovers suffer yet another defeat this time losing 2-0 away at Championship club Cardiff City in the Quarter Final stages of the Carling Cup. 


Was it a fix? 30 Nov 2011: Steve Kean claims Blackburn Rovers forfeited the game against Cardiff with one on eye on the Premier League tie against Swansea. 


Barclays Bank turns up the heat on Venky's 30 Nov 2011: Barclays Bank demand that Venky's reduce the clubs 21 million pound debt which they promised they would have done when they first purchased the club.


Blackburn Council next in line to criticise Venky's 30 Nov 2011: Blackburn Councilcriticise Venky’s and want a meeting with chairwomen Anuradha Desai as the council become concerned with the day to day running of the club.  


"We want a refund!" 30 Nov 2011: Blackburn fans who travelled to Cardiff demand a refund reacting to the manager’s comments of forfeiting the game.  


We didn't throw the game 1 Dec 2011: Steve Keans claims his comments were misinterpreted and that Blackburn Rovers did not forfeit the game against Cardiff. 


Fans stage seventh protest - Blackburn finally win 3 Dec 2011: With more pre match protests, Blackburn go on to defeat Swansea 4-2 with Yakubu scoring 4 goals. Blackburn fans boo when Yakubu celebrates a goal with kean.

The national media hate campaign against the Rovers fans intensifies with more disinformation. The national media seized upon this incident to demonise the Rovers fans again, this time claiming they were booing the goal, when it was very clear that the booing only started when Yakubu celebrated with Kean. 

03.12.2011 Swansea City Ewood Park Won 4-2 Position 18 Points 10


Blackburn Rovers fans call a truce and halt their protests against Venky's and Steve Kean 03.12.2011Rovers fans call a truce in the hope of organising meeting with the Venky's and Steve Kean.


Fans stuffed as Venky's still haven't paid up 4 Dec 2011Several Blackburn fans are still waiting on Venky's to reimburse their expenses from the trip to Pune. They have been waiting a reported 2 months. 


Blackburn fans urged to back truce with owners Venky's 14 Dec 2011: Two wealthy Blackburn fans have called for a 'truce' in the ongoing battle between the board and supporters in a bid to safeguard the club's Premier League status.

Ian Battersby, who met co-owner Anurada Desai in Pune in October 2011, and Wayne Wild, group director of Rovers’ main sponsor WEC Group, were concerned that off-field problems are affecting performances on the pitch.


Community leaders write to owners of Blackburn Rovers 16 Dec 2011: FIVE community leaders and businessmen called on Blackburn Rovers owners Venky’s to address the club’s problems – before they lose the loyal Ewood Park support.


Blackburn MP Jack Straw, Darwen and Rossendale MP Jake Berry, Blackburn with Darwen Council leader Kate Hollern and businessmen Ian Battersby and Wayne Wild released a joint statement. No-one from the club was available for comment.


Lancashire Telegraph comment: Time to go Steve Kean 19 Dec 2011: The reasons are simple: If Rovers do manage to pull off a positive result against Bolton, in our view, further procrastination could take place and that would be wrong because we believe the club has passed the point of no return. It is now surely clear that Kean has to go and one good result shouldn’t be enough to save him.


We are also calling for owners Venky’s to start running the club the way it deserves to be run or to put Blackburn Rovers up for sale if they are not prepared to protect its proud tradition.

Michel Salgado claims that Blackburn Rovers attempts to avoid offering him a new contract has led to the club freezing him out. 20 Dec 2011: Salgado is entitled to a new deal if he plays nine more games this season.


The Spaniard claims he is fit and ready to help the club's relegation battle, but is being left out to save cash.  He said: 'I want the fans to know all I want to do is help the team and help Blackburn survive in the Premier League, but the owners and manager aren’t allowing me to do this. 'I'm fit to play but I have been given five days off instead.'


Organic protests erupt as Rovers fans are savaged in the national media 20.12.2011: Rovers fans savaged and smeared by national radio, TV, newpapers and 'neutral' fans alike after organic protests erupt all over Ewood Park as the majority of fans again vent their emotions at a woeful display during crucial Lancashire Derby defeat.

20.12.2011 Bolton Wanderers Ewood Park Lost 1-2 Position 20 Points 10


Seceret Email by Paul Hunt lays bare crisis and torment inside Ewood 21 Dec 2012: An extraordinary letter written in late December by Blackburn Rovers’ deputy CEO Paul Hunt to the club’s owner, Anuradha Desai, has laid bare the crisis that has been gripping the club all season. 


The 2,500-word document, dated 21 December 2011 and written just hours after Rovers had lost 2-1 at home to Bolton on 20 December, details financial problems then afflicting the club, hints at a massive rift between the owners and other executives over the future of manager Steve Kean, and implores Mrs Desai to allow people she had appointed – Hunt included – to run the club.


Blackburn have never appointed a CEO to replace John Williams and so Hunt has been in de facto control at Blackburn since his own appointment last year. What the letter clearly shows, however, is that ultimately control has always rested in India.


League Managers Association issue statement defending Blackburn Rovers boss Kean 21 Dec 2011: Kean was the subject of further protests from supporters during and after 20.12.2011 2-1 home loss to Bolton Wanderers, which consigned Rovers to the bottom of the Premier League table at Christmas.


Fans stage eighth protest - Blackburn Rovers fans staged a protest against owners Venky's and manager Steve Kean at the club's training ground 23 Dec 2011: Fans braved the rain at the club's academy at Brock hall Village, with many of them angry at the way they've been represented in the press that week, after frustrations spilled over as the club lost 1-2 AT Ewood Park to fellow Lancashire strugglers Bolton Wanderers on Tuesday 20.12.2011.


Lancashire Telegraph issues a staunch defence of Blackburn Rovers fans with "Hands Off Our Fans"  headline 23 Dec 2012:  This was in response to the astonishing criticism of the Rovers fans that reached abusive proportions after the Rovers fans protests against the Venky's, Steve Kean, Jerome Anderson, SEM and Kentaro during the woeful defeat to fellow Lancastrian strugglers, Bolton Wanderers.


Venky's announce massive loss 25 Dec 2011: Venky's provocatively announce on Christmas Day a stunning £18.6 million loss in their first year in charge of Blackburn Rovers - a bumper Christmas stocking filler for the fans.


JEROME ANDERSON’S EXPLOSIVE SKY TV INTERVIEW 10.01.2012: The interview with Anderson was a lengthy one and Sky TV gave Anderson all the time and the freedom of speech that he needed to condemn Blackburn Rovers supporters and in turn the people of Blackburn and East Lancashire


Asked who made the decision with regard to the sacking of Sam Allardyce Anderson denied any involvement and said it was purely a decision made by the new owners. Asked who recommended the appointment of Steve Kean as Allardyce’s replacement again Anderson denied any involvement. Asked to the departure of Chairman John Williams and chief executive Tom Finn again Anderson denied any involvement, all along stating the decisions were purely that of the Rao family.


Fans stage ninth protest - 24 hour protest is underway 13-14.01.2012: The BRFC Action Group and protesters were at Ewood Park taking part in a 24 hour protest against Venky's running of the club. The club did not keep a promise to hold a meeting to discuss the concerns of the fans.


Supportersorganised two marches to Ewood Park, from the west and east of the town, ahead of a Premier League match against Fulham, while around 200-300 fans protested outside the ground from 10 a.m. on Friday and through the night until Saturday.


A statement from the BRFC Action Group said: "Despite organisers arranging no protests for the last seven matches the club has failed to deliver on the promises and pledges they made."

"The aim of the protests, as from the start, will be about the removal of Steve Kean as first-team manager, Venky's as owners of the club and now the removal of the board of directors."


"The intensity of the protest will increase substantially."


"As Blackburn Rovers fans we have no choice but to try to ensure we preserve the legacy left by the late Jack Walker."


"While we appreciate that this era is in the past, the failure by Venky's and the current board of directors to build on his legacy leaves fans with very little if anything to cling on to."

The group also issued a statement with regards to the ongoing troubles at the club and the recent interview given to Sky Sports by former Rovers associate/agent Jerome Anderson.

The statement read - "We are appalled by the accusations made by Jerome Anderson in his Sky interview earlier this week regarding the organised element of protest against Venkys and Steve Kean. Both organisers have been supporters for over 30 years, and have seen our club through the good and bad times. The club is in complete turmoil from the top down. There is no sinister plan, or alterior motive surrounding the protest which have been going on for four months. Blackburn Rovers are currently bottom of the Premier League, Our Manager Steve Kean, has the worst managerial record in our Premiership history. 

Our owners, who Jerome Anderson sourced have increased debt level and recorded an £18 million operating loss in their first 6 months of ownership. Part of this debt is due to the £4.3 Million paid to agent's including Jerome Anderson who by his own admission was heavily involved in advising Venkys over transfer and contracts. This was a 300% rise on agent fee's from previous years, They are now at a similar level to Manchester United, whose transfer net spend is 4 or 5 times greater than Rovers. 

We are equally concerned that Anderson has found the need to discuss Blackburn Rovers private business in a TV interview and has issued legal notices on various comment/discussion boards which are used by Blackburn Rovers supporters. Jerome Anderson profited massively from the sale of Blackburn Rovers to Venkys, and was paid by both the seller and purchaser. 

Blackburn Rovers supporters have never publicly via media platforms questioned Jerome Anderson, and for him to make these accusations at a time when supporters have genuine concern for the future of their club, is insulting and without substance. We are always happy to communicate with any party and have always been open and frank, about our concerns and intentions. As organisers we are extremely disappointed that our integrity has been called into question by an individual who has been paid handsomely for his services by Blackburn Rovers.

A smear campaign against the supporters has been in full force in recent weeks, but at all times we have remained calm and kept our dignity. Our supporters have been protesting because they care and are worried about the clubs long term future under our absent owners stewardship. If Jerome Anderson has an issue with supporters perhaps it would of been an idea to address the supporters professionally and in person, than to publicly distance himself from the issue's which are apparent at our club."


Marketing Director - Simon Williams resigns 18 Jan 2012


Blackburn Rovers Investment Trust founded 22 Feb 2012: Plans to bring Blackburn Rovers into community ownership was officially launched.

High-profile fans of the Ewood Park club set up the Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust.


The aim of the Trust is to take ownership of Blackburn Rovers for the sole benefit of the club, the supporters and the community now and for the future.


The Trust is the brainchild of Wayne Wild, director of Darwen-based WEC Limited, a commercial partner and sponsor of Blackburn Rovers since 2008, and finance expert Daniel Grabko.


He has enlisted the support of prominent fans to help bring the plan to fruition and provide expert support where needed.


Blackburn Rovers deputy chief executive admits to concerns over stay away fans 15 Mar 2012:   Blackburn Rovers’ deputy chief executive Paul Hunt admits the club are “extremely concerned” at the number of fans staying away from Ewood Park this season.


Rovers have seen attendances fall this season as they fight to retain their Premier League status, with Hunt insisting efforts are being made to re-engage the club with the community.


He revealed the club were putting the finishing touches to next campaign’s season ticket prices but accepted work needed to be done to bring supporters back to the football club.


Rovers’ crowd of 20,615 for the 2-1 home defeat to Stoke in January was their lowest for three years and, since then, attendances have been lower again at Ewood Park, including a little more than 18,000 for the visit of Fulham.



Givet: I never refused to play for Blackburn Rovers 14 Apr 2012: The French defender denied his manager's claims that he refused to play last weekend, arguing that he simply was not selected in the 18-man squad for the match.


Givet was left out of the match day squad despite an injury to regular left-back Martin Olsson, and Kean later told post-match interviewers that the former Monaco man was not in the right frame of mind to play.


Despite his denials, Kean was quoted in the Guardian, "It was very apparent when I spoke with Gaël this morning that he wasn't anywhere near in the right frame of mind to start today or be on the bench. I will speak with him again and if he's in a better frame of mind, then great. But today he was nowhere near and that's disappointing."


However, Givet issued a statement on Tuesday night after the game firmly denying such allegations.

“I wish to make it clear that I have never refused to play for Blackburn Rovers,” he said.

“It was the manager Steve Kean who decided which players would be selected.”

The former French international, who has featured 18 times in the Premier League for his club so far this season, is understood to be keen to help Rovers in their fight against the drop, but is fearful that he now faces being frozen out by his boss.

Swansea City 14.04.2012 Away Lost 0-3 Position 19 Points 28


Steve Kean phones a national Radio phone-in show on BBC Radio 5 Live to "congratulate" Jason Roberts on promotion to the Premier League 21 Apr 2012:  In an act of unbridled arrogance, Kean phones Roberts who had since left Rovers to join Reading, to congratulate him on promotion. This is seen by many fans as yet another deliberately timed insult as Blackburn Rovers hover on the brink of relegation from the Premier League; particularly when Roberts robustly defended Kean in his position as phone-in radio host and frequently abused Rovers fans for not agreeing with him or for registering their concern at the shambolic state that the club was now in.


Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust raises £1million 25 Apr 2012: Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust's campaign to bring Blackburn Rovers into community ownership received £1 million in pledges – just one month after its launch.


Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust (BRSIT) is bidding to raise a minimum £10m through a protected share issue to launch a summer bid to Venky’s, due to their deep concern about the future of the club.


Each share costs £1,000, with a maximum holding of one per cent for any individual, with £1.2m so far pledged.


Blackburn Rovers relagted from the Premier League 07 May 2012: 

Blackburn Rovers wererelegated from the Premier League after losing their must-win fixture 1-0 to a visiting Wigan Athletic.


Even with a game still to play at Chelsea, Rovers put up little fight to deny the inevitable and now face a season of second-tier football as payment.


The familiar protests of dissatisfaction with Steve Kean erupted from all four stands at Ewood Park throughout the game and play was soon interrupted after a chicken bearing the Rovers flag found its way onto the pitch. A calculated jibe by potesting Rovers fans at the Venky's.


One Rovers fan temporarily disrupted play by running onto the pitch and symbolically throwing a season ticket in the direction of the dug out, as many Rovers fans are now boycotting the Venky's by not renewing season tickets.


The Rovers fans supported the team 100% but directed 100% non support towards the Venky's, Steve Kean, Jerome Anderson, SEM and Kentaro.


At the final whistle, as relagation was confirmed, protetsing fans spillied onto the pitch, mainly from The Ronnie Clayton Blackburn End, and attempted to make their way towards Steve Kean in the dug out who had to be ushered away for is protection.

07.05.2012 Wigan Athletic Ewood Park Lost  0-1 Position 19 Points 31 BLACKBURN ROVERS RELEGATED


Fans around the country jam switchboards condemning Rovers fans, expressing their delight at Rovers relegation and blaming Rovers fans for the clubs demise 07 May 2012: Vitriolic abuse directed at Rovers fans during various national Radio and TV phone-in shows.


Steve Kean Defends Relegated Blackburn team 07 May 2012: “We didn’t win enough games. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault in particular, we just didn’t win enough games. 


But with his side putting up virtually no opposition to a more-than-comfortable Wigan, he said: “I find it difficult to put it into words. I felt tonight we gave enough and had a few opportunities. I felt we done enough to take it to the last game like we did last season. The fact was that we had to win next week but there was still a chance. I think the players gave it their all tonight.”


I’m confident I’ll be Rovers manager next season, says beaten Kean 08 May 2012:  "I will sit down with the owners and discuss a plan to assemble a squad to get us to bounce back into the Premier League. We need to try to keep the majority of the squad together. I do believe I will be here next season."


Paul Hunts leeked Email to the Venkey's 08 May 2012:  

The Email was published in the Lancashire Telegraph 09.05.2012


The Email portrays a club divided, a club heading in the wrong direction fast, a club in utter chaos.


To all those people outside Lancashire in the media and football world at large who piled criticism on the protesting Rovers faithful, we have one thing to say to them: read Paul Hunt’s email and apologise to the supporters now.


It’s the least you can do.


The Email Paul Hunt wrote to Venky's

I have been your senior officer at the club for six months and I feel that I must now write to ask you to make some significant changes to save the club, perhaps from relegation but also perhaps from administration.


In twenty years of the Premier League there has been only one side bottom of the league at Christmas that has survived relegation at the end of the season. With the bank closing in, I fear that they will look to foreclose and have the potential to implement financial restrictions upon the club that could (as a worst-case scenario) enforce administration.

I have kept quiet for a time now out of utmost respect and I am only emailing you now as I want what is only the best for Blackburn Rovers and the owners. I am very much of the opinion that we can save the club and I have always been very supportive and positive towards the owners. Therefore I hope you know that what I am saying is considered, honest, constructive and from the heart.


I ask that we instigate all the changes below in this 10 point plan. If we do, then I guarantee that, come the summer, the club will be in a much stronger position than it is now. This will give the owners the following benefits:

  • A richer asset in the club as a whole
  • A happy, strong and valuable playing squad
  • Peace of mind that it is being run admirably
  • Protection for the Venky's brand and the BRFC brand
  • The full backing of the Premier League
  • Deliver the community a club to be proud of
  • A devoted team of staff


I am aware that that when we met in April, we said we would look at this within the first year. I believe now is the right time to promote me to CEO. The "Deputy" title is confusing to staff, supporters and media. I am confident that I now have the knowledge to be able to deliver strong progress. We have a great club, good team and an excellent range of staff that I feel can take this club forward, given the right support from the owners. Naturally, with extra responsibility I would like extra salary and I would be happy with a relatively modest increase with the promise of a good bonus and increase in salary in the summer that would reflect the improvement in position. I am currently the lowest paid senior club official in the Premier League.



As you are aware Barclays have asked for the owners to put £10m into the business. This needs to happen and I am confident that this could only be a loan as we would increase the value of the club significantly. With all the speculation in the press the playing staff value and overall club value is depreciating on a daily basis. By putting an end to this the owners would be protecting their investment, putting their trust in the executive team and the club. The position with the finances is a cause for grave concern. We continue to try and work with Barclays but they are very quickly losing patience as we cannot give answers. We have been forced to agree to additional spending against our wishes and I am fearful that the situation will only get worse.


During January we need additional funding to pay wages etc. Scottish club Hearts did not pay their players in November and have effectively breached their contracts. By law (supported by FIFA) the players can now annul their contracts, seek other clubs and still chase the club for payment of their wages. Clearly, the club will not receive any fee for any transfers.


You may also be aware that HMRC (tax authorities) have been chasing Portsmouth Football Club for a debt they owe. They will make sure of course that the next football club that falls out of line, won’t be so lucky. We need to make sure that this club is not Blackburn Rovers.



Publicly I have been asked to support the manager and I always have as I personally like Steve. I have supported him from the start and have been desperate for him to do well. However, I am now of the opinion that it isn’t working and he is ready to go. He has lost the crowd and as a result of this evening’s game has lost the dressing room as well – the players no longer want to play for him. It is a shame and disappointing but we must act now to save the club. The board should be asked their opinion on who should be the new manager. The board has over 60 years football experience between them, it would be a travesty not to rely on that experience for the biggest decision the club will make this season. The new manager should now report into the board who then recommend and endorse his wishes to the owners. Allow the board to protect the owners from the media, supporters etc.



Give the executive team at Ewood Park, the latitude and authority to run the club. Everything at the club needs to come through either myself, Simon Hunt or Karen Silk. We have vast experience and with Vineeth as well, I am sure we have a winning team. The owners must learn to trust us. I am enjoying working with Vineeth and although he has little experience in football, he is quickly learning. I am trying to establish him with all the other staff too and am introducing him to the Heads of Department on an ongoing basis. I don’t really think for one minute that the owners will allow this club to go into ruin but without knowing this for sure, we need to be prudent. However, if we had more information on your plans, strategy and thoughts going forward (after assisting you in formulating that strategy of course) then we can support and deliver growth. Without knowing the plan, we will of course be guarded and suspicious.



Another big issue is the PR and the fact that a lot of it in the past has come from India, without our knowledge. ALL press statements need to come from Ewood Park with me as the spokesman. That way we can control all the output and protect the owners. We must now remove the club from being headline news for the wrong reasons. A full PR strategy needs to be instigated from January 1st that re-engages the owners with the supporters – the owners need to trust us in this regard as we know our customers. As owners you are not protected. Use the board (and manager combined) as a buffer zone to the media, the bank, the fans and we will protect you. I want to tell the media that what they are printing is not true but the truth is that I do not know.



To be able to understand the strategy and to assist the owners, the executive team of myself, Simon Hunt and Karen Silk must visit India once every two months as a minimum. This way we can be together on all issues and help to craft them with our experience. I am happy for the new manager to be a part of that delegation and would welcome his input. I am very concerned that I have not met with you properly during the six months I have worked at the club. You have asked me to deal with things locally but to be able to do this, as I have asked before, I need a greater understanding of your aspirations so I can deliver on them. If you keep me informed and learn to trust me, I can be your mouthpiece.



The owners must attend games in Blackburn as often as possible and I would suggest that at least one of the owners is present for at least a quarter of the games.


The staff needs to meet you and get to know you too – whenever I have met the owners, I feel warm and strong and you instil in me the fight to face challenges and win. The supporters also need to meet you and we need to get the message of solidarity out there as quickly as possible.



The executive team at Blackburn Rovers must be allowed to hire and fire staff. We will of course ask for the owner’s opinion for senior positions but we must be allowed the latitude in this.



We are losing fans at an alarming rate. I am very concerned that fans are voting with their feet and not attending, not purchasing and not engaging with the club. Research shows that only 5% of ex season ticket holders will ever return. We are losing sponsors and suppliers. The Blackburn Rovers and Venky’s brands are both suffering terribly. Whilst there are negative goings on such as protests, complaints, media stories, unhappy fans etc, then both brands are losing brand equity and consequently, losing value.


I am disappointed that we have not managed to progress as I would have liked over the past 6 months. I was very excited to be given the opportunity and wanted to assist the owners in delivering strong progress for the club. However, we have been too busy fire fighting (protests, media intrusion, finance issues) to do this so far. The current climate only allows us to be reactive.


I feel impotent as I am not asked my opinion on matters. I joined the club to make a difference, not to sit by and simply action instructions. I appreciate my advice will not always be acted upon but I am disappointed that I am not asked.

I have a great deal to contribute and have great experience. I won't get it right every time but will always do my best and learn from any mistakes.


My concern is for the staff. They have put up with a lot recently and are still supportive. They live in the community and are being asked questions by their friends and family but cannot answer them. They are also being challenged at the games and when they come into contact with fans. Most are junior or part time staff who are feeling under pressure. I am concerned that they are going to become too stressed and will look to get jobs elsewhere. We have some great staff and cannot afford to lose them.


I need to be able to report a little more readily to you and on an infinitely more regular basis.


Please don't view this as me questioning the owners unjustly. Please be reassured that I do question things, it means I am doing things right for the club and the owners by not accepting things lightly.


This is how I work and how I must continue to work to get the best for Blackburn Rovers. With my experience of Blackburn now and my previous experience at three other prominent clubs, I do feel as though my suggestions come from a position of strength and can make a huge difference to life at Blackburn Rovers.

I would very much appreciate an opportunity to speak with you on these points by invitation to India.


Without instigating these points it will get more and more difficult to deliver progress for the club. I call on the owners to act, to play their part in the investment that puts all our minds at rest, and then allows me and the executive team to initiate all of the above points for the greater good of Blackburn Rovers.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


With very best wishes for a bright future, Paul.


Rovers deputy chief exec Paul Hunt has gone - rumours 09 May 2012: 

Blackburn Rovers are yet to confirm claims that deputy chief executive Paul Hunt has left his post today.


Sources told the Lancashire Telegraph (09.05.2012), Hunt had left after his letter to Venky's was leaked yesterday (08.05.2012).


A number of other media outlets, including Sky Sports and BBC, are also reporting Hunt's departure.


A spokesman for Blackburn Rovers said they were unsure if the story was true.


Blackburn Rovers confirm Paul Hunt's departure 09 May 2012:  Blackburn Rovers have finally confirmed deputy chief executive Paul Hunt has left the club.


More than 24 hours after Hunt's exit was widely reported, Rovers have released a one sentence statement confirming the news.


The statement read: "Blackburn Rovers Football Club can confirm that deputy chief executive Paul Hunt has left the club."


Premier League dismiss calls for Rovers investigation 10 May 2012: 

The Premier League have dismissed MP Jack Straw’s calls for an investigation into Venky’s takeover of Blackburn Rovers and say they are confident the club will remain financially sustainable despite relegation.


Straw, MP for Blackburn, has accused the Premier League of “a wilful neglect of its responsibilities” and called for an investigation into how the Indian poultry giants were persuaded to buy the club.


The Premier League say their ‘owners’ and directors’ test’ and financial rules work to ensure that clubs remain sustainable but cannot ensure “competency”.


Straw wrote in the Lancashire Telegraph: “At the heart of the Premier League’s wilful neglect of its responsibilities is its so-called ‘fit and proper person’ test (forerunner of the owners’ and directors’ test).

“The test is laughable and almost everyone in the business knows this. It allows no period of probation for new owners, no assessment of their managerial competence, no disclosure of the insidious role of agents."


Alan Shearer’s anger at Venky’s 10 May 2012:  Alan Shearer has hit out at Venky’s following Blackburn Rovers’ relegation from the Premier League.


Shearer spearheaded Rovers’ march to the Premier League title in 1995 but points to the stark contrast between Jack Walker, the owner at the time, and Venky’s.

Many Rovers fans invaded the pitch to express their anger at the Indian poultry giants and manager Steve Kean following relegation on Monday.


“While I cannot condone the pitch invasion, I can completely understand their dissatisfaction and fury,” Shearer said.

“When I think of the love Jack Walker had for Blackburn Rovers – a local man, who had made his millions and decided to plough plenty of them into his local club. It was not a plaything or a business for him. It was a real passion."


“He wanted his home town on that map, battling with the big boys and beating them. And how we did it."


“It was unrealistic to think such glory days were going to continue forever."

“But what Jack Walker had established for the future was a sustainable football club that could eat at the top table."


“This was no yo-yo club, like Wolves for example."


“How could the owners treat it with such contempt?"


“How can they allow it gradually to crumble?"


“All the time they have left Kean hanging out to dry, taking all the flak, while they sit in India."


“There is no way he can go on against the backdrop of such wrath from the fans against him.”

ROGUES GALLERY - and what a parcel of rogues they are.

Steve Kean

Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys; Steve Kean
Jerome Anderson's client and convicted drink driver who blamed Rovers fans for lacing his drink in a pub in the village of Whalley whilst drinking there before driving down to London.

The Rao brothers

Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys; Rao brothers
Jerome Anderson's clients and clueless owners.

Anuradha Desai

Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys; Anuradha Desai
Jerome Anderson's client and absentee chairwoman. Prefers to be addressed as, "Madame Desai."

Jerome Anderson

Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys; Jerome Anderson
SEM Kentaro football Agent.

Video's of the protests.

Blackburn Rovers FC,Fans take their protest to Training Ground 23/11/11

12 months on from Venky's take over and facts speak for themselves

Photo's of the protests

12 months on from Venky's take over. The club silenty removed many of the flowers in the night in order to minimize the impact
12 months on from Venky's take over. The club silenty removed many of the flowers in the night in order to minimize the impact
12 months on from Venky's take over, wreathes laid at Jack Walkers memorial
12 months on from Venky's take over, wreathes laid at Jack Walkers memorial

Below are images of protesting Rovers fans labelled as "Scum" by Rovers' player Bradley Orr; an "Embarrassment" by former Rovers' player Kevin Gallagher and  "Disgusting", "A disgrace", "A mob" and "The worst fans in the country"  by the national printing and broadcasting media.

Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
12 months on from Venky's take over
12 months on from Venky's take over
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
Kean Out in Wembley. Rovers and England fans.
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
Kean Out in India. Rovers pre season tour. These people were forcibly ejected from the ground.
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
Kean Out in America. WWE wrestling event.
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
Kean Out in Ukraine. European Championship. England v Sweden in Kiev.
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
Kean Out in Stoke. Stoke City v Rovers.
#VenkysOut in Rotherham.
#VenkysOut in Rotherham.
#VenkysOut out in Blackburn.
#VenkysOut out in Blackburn.
#VenkysOut out in Blackburn.
#VenkysOut out in Blackburn.
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Ewood Park; Venkys
Blackburn Rovers; Blackburn Rovers fans; Venkys; Steve Kean
Steve Kean
Steve Kean
Uncle Fester
Uncle Fester