"Blackburn has no 'lads' " - Films: High on Hope; Tash Force & Diary of a Bad Lad

HIGH ON HOPE- A BLACKBURN PARTY - footage from a documentary about the Blackburn Raves of the late 1980s


HIGH ON HOPE: This long awaited film celebrates the 20th anniversary of the acid house scene in Blackburn through a combination of rare retro footage, animation, and revealing interviews with some of the people who raved their little hearts out at some of the biggest parties the North had ever seen, as well as the people who made them happen. Despite rave reviews Piers Sandersons award winning documentary is still waiting for a general release because of problems finding the funding to pay for the music rights.


Starting out with original footage of  the warehouse parties and mixed with interviews, news archive and animation this film is a testament to what happened when ‘acid house music’ arrived from Chicago to northern England in recession hit 1980’s Thatcher’s Britain.


In 1989 Britain was a bland, depressed country. However the nation’s youth, facing a future with no jobs or sense of community, used the derelict warehouses of Britain’s old industrial past in a new togetherness, one based around music and danced all night in these un-policed environments, free from the constraints of the corporate owned night clubs of the time.


By 1991 acid house became the latest underground youth cult to threaten the moral majority. Reacting to the right wing press inspired public outrage, the police, in full body armour, with battons, shields and dogs, put an end to the the warehouse parties using tactics recently perfected on striking miners and previously during the race riots that defined the Thatcher era. The story ends with the largest post war mass arrest in British history.


When Piers Sanderson started making this film he did not know how to make a documentary he just wanted to tell the story of a time and a movement that had changed him irrevocably. He started by tracking down the original organisers of the parties and they told him their incredible stories – how they broke in to the warehouses, organised thousands of people to get past the authorities and in to the parties, the methods they used to get the sound equipment in and out of the heavily policed industrial estates of Lancashire and how ultimately they all ended up giving their liberty for something they believed so strongly in.


He also found ‘Preston Bob’ whose parents, at the time of the parties, had a local corner shop. The shop had a video camera that they would rent out for weddings and Christenings and when this was not used Bob would borrow it to film the parties. He gave an old box of VHS tapes to Piers and this incredible footage brings these legendary parties back to life!


A 10-year labour of love, this film has been made in the same way as the parties themselves were put together – with passion, enthusiasm and innovation, using collaborations and a collective approach, to tell as story that hopes inspire us to come together more positively in the 21st Century, as this might just be what we all need most.

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TASH FORCE - The Movie.

The film was premiered at Blackburn King Georges Hall on Thursday 19th April 2012. The DVD was released on Monday 23rd April 2012.

Tash Force The Movie is a 90-minute comedy about the last three days in the career of a politically incorrect police officer, Tash McDermott, head of Lancashire Constabulary's Football Intelligence Unit, as he tries to track down a football hooligan ring leader, and put a stop to "shenanigans" on the football terraces. 


The film has been written by Ian Wiggins of Ewood, Blackburn who gave up a 20-year career in the railway to pursue his dream of film producing. The story is based on a short film which became an internet hit. Distributors approached Ian to produce a feature-length version last year.


Inspired by TV programmes like 'Police, Camera, Action', Tash is giving a journalist unrestricted access to cover his operation. But Tash is stuck in the glory days of the past, when football was a man's game, women knew their place, a ruck was pretty much guaranteed, and he was top of the football intelligence league for arrests and banning orders.

Tash senses that being the subject of a documentary will restore his status, put him right back where he deserves to be, and maybe even make him a star. So he takes his eye off the ball and starts playing up to the camera. But that, and the fact the he can't hold his beer, ends up landing him in serious trouble.

Tash Force : Official 2012 Feature Film Trailer

Tash Force : Undercover Macintyre Style. Stone Island

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Diary of a Bad Lad

Frustrated filmmaker, Barry Lick, and a crew of film school wannabees, attempt to make a documentary about a local businessman who he believes is involved in property rackets, prostitution, pornography and drugs.

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